How to install and use CryptoSwift

Some people asking question regarding installation of CryptoSwift with CocoaPods.

The trick is... you need (as for today) install "Pre" version of CocoaPods tools, because only this version have support for Swift frameworks. I know it's kinda confusing that you can install swift Pods with the older toolset, and then turn out it doesn't work, though, not my fault.

Here is short guide. First, install version Pre of CocoaPods, like this:

$ gem install cocoapods --pre

my version is 0.36.0.beta.2

$ pod --version

add pod to project Podfile

pod "CryptoSwift"

and install framework

$ pod install
Analyzing dependencies
Downloading dependencies
Using CryptoSwift (0.0.6)
Generating Pods project
Integrating client project

it's done.

I've made a short screencast describing process of installation, and example of AES encryption.